Borrowing & Circulation


1. Circulation Rules

Categories of  readers  Limit of borrowed books Borrowing Period (days) Renewals allowed Renewal Period (days)  Limit of holds
Undergraduate 8 30 1 30 3
Master 15 30 1 30 3
Doctor 20 30 2 30 3
Faculty 20 30 2 30 3
Others 8 30 1 30 3

2.  Circulation Regulations

(1)  Borrowing books

  • Books can be checked out at circulation desks with valid SHU ID cards
  • Loan quotas refer to the max amount of loanable books from all the SHU libraries on different campuses
  • The number of borrowed books includes all books borrowed from SHU libraries on different campuses
  • When borrowing books, please check whether the books are defaced or damaged. If so, it should be reported to the library staff immediately
  • All literatures marked with  “for reading only” (including reference books, special literatures, tapes, DVDs, books, magazines and newspapers in reading areas, etc.) cannot be borrowed
  • If you encounter difficulties or have special needs when borrowing books, please feel free to contact the library staff
  • It is forbidden to take books out of the library without performing the checking out procedure at circulation desks

(2)  Returning books

  • Readers should return the books before the due date. You can return the books at circulation desks or place them in the boxes
  • Borrowed books can be returned at all SHU libraries
  • Readers will pay overdue fines if the borrowed books are not returned within the due date according to relevant regulations