Dissertation and Theses

Dissertation and Theses Database

Full-Text Database of Dissertations by Chinese Excellent Postgraduates and PhDs (CNKI): 1999-, it is a full-text database for dissertations of Chinese PhD and postgraduates, and is the most complete in relevant resources with high quality and dynamic updating. This collection comes from more than 400 Ph.D and postgraduates cultivating institutes and universities, which is updated daily.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT): 1861-, over 350,000 dissertation records from more than 2,000 European and American universities and colleges are collected, which is the largest and the most widely used index database for dissertation abstracts.

Interlibrary Loan

You can obtain the full text of Chinese or foreign dissertations by interlibrary loan.
Those in PQDT are charged $37.00 for each PDF.