Delivery Services

Items you can request through document delivery:Liberal arts literature from CASHL
Science and engineering literature from CALIS

1. Service Content

Readers need to submit an application to the Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan Division. The types of documents contain: Chinese and foreign journals, conference materials, books, theses, technical reports, patents and standards.

2. Fees

Document delivery fee = the actual cost (copying, scanning, copyright and post fee) + service fee + emergency fee.

Document From Document Type Service Fee (RMB)/page
Internet Online Resource 2 (expedite fee: 10RMB/page)
Library of China Foreign books 5
Foreign Library Foreign materials 10
  • Special materials such as standards, technical reports and patents from SHU Library are charged according to the price list of SHU Library; if the materials are delivered by express, the express fee will be charged;
  • National theses: 50 RMB to 200 RMB (according to the standard price list);
  • Foreign theses: North America, 560 RMB per printed item; 365 RMB per electronic item; Europe, around 1000 RMB for each item.


a.Subsidy Regulations

  • Subsidy amount: each person can obtain 300 pages for free per year delivered from other institutions; the subsidy amount for each item is limited to 50 RMB, otherwise extra fee will be charged
  • b.Delivery Rule

  • Most of the journal papers, conference papers, book chapters, standards and patents will be transferred in electronic format;
  • Documents might be transferred in printed version in case of too many pages;
  • The delivered version will be determined by the available form.

4.Contact Us

Tel: 66133035
Address: Room 304g, Readers service department , New Campus Library(Baoshan campus library)