Off-Campus Access

SHU faculties and students off campus can access E-resources of the library by the following ways:

a. Proxy Service: Proxy service for internal access has been offered by the Network Centre(NC),
aiming at facilitating SHU faculties and students to have access to the campus network resources
(e.g. Some databases of the library, OA System) when surfing the internet through public information networks
such as China Telecom. The proxy service for internal access has already been supplied by NC.
As long as JAccount is applied with E-mail service available, SHU faculties and students can make use of
the proxy service by NC after logining the account.

  •,port8000 (mobile)
  •,port8000 (Telecommunications)
  •,port8000 (Telecommunications)
b.VPN Service: The service has been officially opened. Currently, it’s only available to the faculties.
They can apply for the needed service in NC.Shanghai University VPN instructions