1 Please download Unifound Self Print Driver (联创自助打印驱动程序)and install it
2 Double click "联创自助打印驱动.exe", a window as follows will be showed

3 After the installation complete, please enter your campus ID number and password

4 Clicking OK “确定” and the install procedure is finished
Note: If you install this program in a public compute, do not bind your account and password for security concern, just cancel it by clicking “取消” to complete the installation. (If the installation failed, please open windows Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services options, see whether Print spooler service is enabled. If not, please enable it and set the startup type “automatically enabled”.)

5 Now you can print documents by suing this program, for example, you want to print something from internet:

6.1 You can set properties of printing preferences, choose portrait (R) or landscape (L) printing, and choose long edge (D) or short edge (T) flip double-sided printing.

6.2 You can choose black and white printing (C) or color printing (D)

6.3 After preferences attribute is set, click “确定” the following window will pop up, click Print (P) to submit your print jobs

6.4 Then the login window will pop up, please enter your ID number and password. Click OK button.

6.5 The window show as below will pop up. In this window, you can also preview the printed document you submit, if there is something wrong with the document you submit, cancel it by clicking “取消”.

If you want to print, you click on the OK button again to complete the print job submission. If the print submitted successfully, you will be prompted in the window "to print a document has been submitted successfully".

7 Find a self-print copy scan machine in the library and select "PRINT" on the screen.
8 As the window shows below pop up, please swipe your campus card in the credit card area.
9 Now you can print documents one after another, once you finish print job, please swipe your card again.

10. Please do not forget to logoff and take away your document.